High Speed Diesel

Petrowell will feel arrogances itself on distributing our patrons with the finest quality they have come to anticipate over the years. We have objective to make doing business with us as suave as possible, which is why we offer a finest quality range to make your operations run more proficiently.

PETROPOWER- High Speed Diesel

Petropower is a fuel designed to provide maximum power and combination in diesel driven engine. May it be on wheel or stationery one. The ultra-care in delivering the right quality and assuring the same is filled up in customer’s vehicle tank is our top priority. Petropower is our HSD and it is a complex mixture of Hydro Carbons. It is a oily liquid with pungent smell.

Petropower has low viscosity and higher volatility as compared to Light diesel oil. Petropower is high compression, self-ignition engine. Fuel is ignited by the heat of high compression. HSD is used as a fuel in medium and high speed compression ignition engines (operating above 750 rpm) in commercial vehicles, stationary diesel engines, locomotives and pumps etc.

Using Petropower means performance at its Peak.

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